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4 Reasons Why You Need a Convertible Backpack for Work and Travel

buy convertible backpack for women leather

Today’s world moves faster than ever. Active women go from one thing to the next with little to no time to transition. That’s why being prepared for everything means to carry multiple items with you through the day. Items such as your laptop, accessories, snacks, makeup, accessories, and even some extra shoes.

A convertible backpack that carries it all in style can truly make your day to day life easier and better in many ways. Here are 4 reasons why you need a convertible backpack:

1. Choose from multiple carry options, because a woman needs options.

        Modern women are multitaskers, action-takers, and doers. That means they not only work, take care of their family, but also go to the gym, and are constantly on the go.

        A 3 in 1 bag gives you the flexibility to adapt easily to any situation and interact with your items the way you need it, and not the other way around. Your life is probably already 10 in 1: You’re a busy woman, a professional, and maybe also a yoga enthusiast, or a blogger and a working mom, a traveler, a wife, and an entrepreneur, or all of the above.

        convertible backpack 3 in 1 for work 13 inch laptop
        • The backpack is ideal when you need a hands-free experience. It’s very convenient for traveling, commuting, or carrying heavy items.

        • The shoulder bag is perfect to look stylish and feel confident when entering a meeting or social gathering. It gives you the look of a professional tote bag, with all the backpack features.

        • The Crossbody way works great when you need a safe and quick way to access your bag’s items. It’s very hands and worry-free.

        2. Look and feel confident all day, every day.

          black leather convertible backpack for woman work 13 inch laptop bag  When it comes to business, first impressions matter. We understand that as a business woman you want to make sure you’re portraying the right image. A backpack that is also a purse will look professional for any occasion and makes you feel feminine, stylish and put together. 

          The traditional professional bags for women are not very functional And, on the other hand, backpacks are typically perceived as childish, or not feminine accessories that can easily ruin your amazing outfit, or make you feel bulky for an important meeting.

          Fashion is all about showing your style and personality without having to say a word. Wearing a convertible backpack that also complements your outfit demonstrates your sense of style and flexibility. 


          3. Carry your tech items safely.

          laptop ipad macbook leather bag for workIf you’ve invested in a high-end laptop, like a MacBook Pro, you care about taking care of it. However, avoiding scratches and spills is hard when your bag is crowded and you’re always on the go. Also, laptop cases sometimes make your bag and laptop feel heavier and bulkier.

          Usually, professional-looking handbags don’t include a safe place to put your MacBook with confidence. That’s why it’s really convenient to have a nice-looking leather work backpack with an integrated soft laptop sleeve that separates your 13” laptop or tablet from the rest of your items and protects your device from scratches and spills, without you having to buy an extra case.


          4. Avoid back pain and live better

          brown vegan leather convertible backpackMany people who carry heavy bags on a daily basis suffer from back pain. We believe modern women shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for functionality anymore.

          That’s why traveling hands-free, carrying all your items with you and looking your best is priceless and will ultimately lead to having a better life experience.


          A convertible backpack provides you with the convenience of a hands-free experience, when needed, and at the same time allow you to look your best all day, every day. That’s why, at Sosi Leone we created a 3 in 1 beautiful looking convertible backpack specifically designed for active, entrepreneur spirited and fashion-forward women that not only fits your daily items comfortably but also makes you look and feel confident through the day.

          Give our convertible backpack a try, we’ve designed it with so much love and care… For women, by women.